The Aeolus Quartet is passionately committed to sharing the joy and wonder of making music with young audiences. While studying at the Cleveland Institute, the Quartet developed several different educational programs tailored towards specific young age groups (under the tutelage of the Cavani Quartet).  Each program is approximately 45-60 minutes long. The Quartet is available to customize and/or develop programs for different age groups, time limit, and venue. These programs are highly adaptable, and can be structured for the following groups:

Elementary School

For elementary school students, the Aeolus Quartet has built a program around introducing the instruments of a string quartet in an exciting and humorous way. The quartet members take on the personas of characters from Greek mythology to represent the different roles of the instruments. Throughout this program, there are shorter segments (no more than four minutes each) of music which serve to familiarize the elementary school students with the sounds of the instruments individually. Students learn the value of teamwork and the equal importance and interdependence of each role in the string quartet. Following the introduction of instruments the ensemble moves on to the most fundamental element of all music making: listening. The students are taught how to enjoy music by listening, and are encouraged to react to the different types of sounds which the string quartet can produce in different ways – naming colors they hear, describing emotions they feel, or telling stories they imagine while hearing the wide variety of composers performed. All yield incredibly illuminating and sometimes surprisingly profound results.

Middle/High School

For middle and high school students, the Aeolus Quartet utilizes a more learned approach with the students but which begins similarly, with an introduction of the instruments. Included with the instruments is a brief clef study. The quartet then proceeds to go on a musical voyage of discovery with repertoire excerpts spanning the 300+ years of western classical music. New sounds and techniques are explored with each selection, and composer biographies and historical context of each work is discussed. This program can be customized

All programs culminate in a question and answer session.

The Aeolus’ passion for chamber music performance is matched by their love for music education. Winners of the 2013 Fischoff Educator Award, their teaching philosophy is rooted in the loving, holistic, and detailed approach taken by their mentors – primarily the Cleveland Quartet, the Juilliard Quartet, and the Guarneri Quartet – and inspired by the incredibly energetic and effective outreach programs of the Cavani Quartet. Rooted in years of experience, their focus on education began in their earliest years in Cleveland, where the Aeolus Quartet designed and performed a program for elementary students in the Cleveland Public School system in an April 2009 project made possible by the Frances E. Sykora Outreach Performance Fund. Since then, the quartet has been in high demand as chamber music coaches, private teachers, and community educators. During their tenure as the Young Professional Quartet in Residence at the University of Texas at Austin under the mentorship of the Miro Quartet, they organized and coached many string chamber groups and taught privately in the UT Butler School of Music Chamber Music program. The quartet currently fulfills similar duties as the Graduate Quartet in Residence at the Juilliard School in addition to their teaching the freshman string quartet seminar. Summers have seen the quartet in residence at such festivals as Stanford University’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth, the Austin Chamber Music Center’s Summer Workshop, and the Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, each of which involved the quartet giving coachings, masterclasses, private lessons, and educational performance lectures. The quartet has given countless educational presentations in schools, libraries, and community centers across the country.

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